Eliminate 97%

Of Your Credit Card Fees!


Accept credits cards without the expensive fees! Automatically charge your customers the cost of their transaction's credit card processing fees, so that as a business owner...




Regardless of how large your credit card sales volume is! 



Our program saves merchants thousands of dollars and usually reduces their combined credit/debit card acceptance fees by 97%. Our clients enjoy:

  •  No fees such as transaction, AVS, batch, etc.

  •  All you pay is one low fee per month. Regardless of your credit card sales volume!

  •  All other fees are bundled into a 3.95% rate, which is passed on to the cardholder as a service fee. 

  •  No interchange or card brand fees.

  •  No monthly merchant account fees.  

  •  Next day funding.**

  •  No PCI compliance fees or non-compliance penalties. 

  •  Totally compliant and legal in all 50 states.  

  •  An included desk-top or mobile terminal placement.*

Large or small, we have a payment solution for you!


No Matter How Large Their Credit Card Sales Volume Is!

Accept All Major Credit Cards

Start accepting all card types without having to worry about rising network fees or interchange rates.

Eliminate Merchant Fees

Now you can run unlimited credit card transactions for only only one small monthly payment.

No Hidden Fees - Ever

There are absolutely no hidden fees, no bait & switch tactics, no tricks; only more money for your business' bottom line.

How does it work?

As an incentive for customers to pay with cash, they are offered a discount when doing so. Your prices are now your cash prices and any time someone pays with a credit card, your terminal automatically charges a 3.95% service fee, which covers all of your credit card processing fees.


Our terminal placement program means you get a terminal included in your monthly fee, which is also capable of EMV/chip cards and NFC such as Apple Pay!

If you aren't totally satisfied with our program you can switch back to traditional processing at any time!

What is Wholesale Credit Card Processing:

It offsets merchant service fees by an average of 97%. Merchants who use our wholesale program pay from $99 to $159 (depending upon which hardware they choose) to process their credit card sales. Our wholesale credit card processing is growing in popularity across the country, but it is not right for every business type.

How Does It Work:

Your provided credit card terminal automatically implements a small non-cash adjust fee to all customers using credit cards, while discounting that fee to customers who pay with cash. This customer credit card service fee is equal to the cost of processing each credit card transaction, thus reducing your credit card processing fees to one flat-fee per month. Our wholesale program is within the guidelines of Visa, MasterCard, State and processor regulations.

Businesses That Work Well With Our Wholesale Program:

Some business types work better with cash discounts than others. Many times it comes down to whether or not your customers will be upset with having a service fee included in their transaction. You ultimately know best, whether this type of payment processing will work well for you or not. However, for 75% of US industries “service-based businesses” it generally works very well. 


Is This The Same As Surcharging:

No, our wholesale cash-discount program is not the same as surcharging.  They seem extremely similar which can make it confusing for merchants.  Here's the difference between the two:

  • SURCHARGING: Charging a customer an extra fee for paying with a credit card. This is, in essence, discourages customers from using a credit card.

  • WHOLESALE PROGRAM: Adds a service fee to “all transactions” but applies a discount equal to the service fee if the customer pays with cash or check. This is, in essence, is motivates the usage of cash and checks.


Is Our Wholesale Program legal:

Yes. Our program is legal (details below). Not only is it legal, but there the fastest growing merchant services accounts in the country by popularity!

Legal information from Cornell Law School:

U.S. Code › Title 15 › Chapter 41 › Subchapter I › Part D › § 1666f

15 U.S. Code § 1666f – Inducements to cardholders by sellers of cash discounts for payments by cash, check or similar means; finance charge for sales transactions involving cash discounts

With respect to credit cards used in sales transactions in which the seller is a person other than the card issuer, the card issuer may not, by contract or otherwise, prohibit any such seller from offering a discount to a cardholder to induce the cardholder to pay by cash, check, or similar means rather than use a credit card.

Read the entire code in its original state here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/15/1666f

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Disclaimer & Notes

  • **If merchant cancels, they must return equipment in good condition within 7 working days. If unreturned or damaged, $1,000 will be charged.

  •  ***Next-day funding is for qualified merchants.

  •  Exception items such as chargeback fees, chargeback reversal fees, and arbitration fees still apply

  •  Merchants with no activity for 45 days will be disabled

  •  Merchants with excessive decline ratio of 10% or greater will be charged an additional fee of 8 cents per authorization.

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