Repay EOA Loans Trading Your Services - not cash!

EOA is a 26-year old group of hundreds of Alaskan businesses and thousands of Alaskan cardholders. We use trade dollars when conducting trade business. Which INCREASES our net income by an average of 20%.


We also do business with 1-million businesses in the lower-48 and with more than 250 thousand businesses located outside of the United States.

2 Reasons Why Businesses Trade With Us

SELLING  Example


A 300 room hotel running at 80% occupancy with a $200 average room-night rate, loses $4,380,000 of potential revenue every year from it's 20% vacancy rate.


By bartering just 10% of this available inventory through EOA, the hotel can gain more than $400,000 worth of products and services without displacing any of it's cash customers. And the same potential holds true for every business that is not operating at 100% capacity!

BUYING  Example


Let's say that you are about to write a check to pay for a purchase. And the selling business stops you and says "Wait a minute, instead of your cash I'm happy to take credit for a future purchase with your company."


Would you say "No, I don't want my markup discount that paying with my products and services gives me, nor do I want another customer" or would you say "sure!" And especially since EOA handles all the paperwork!

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