✓  Something that your customers want!

✓  That will increase your sales!

✓  That you can easily afford!

✓  And is very easy to do!


Here is how Profitable ATM Machines can be.

An ATM with Denali ATM's constant support will allow you to supplement your income, and increase foot traffic while providing what your customers want! Statistics show that customers spend 20 to 25 percent more money in stores that provide ATM machines. This means you'll earn from service fees plus experience an increase in your sales.

Alaskan ATM machine transaction processing fees range between $3 and $8. How much you'll earn depends on the ATM processor, its owner and the venue owner. The earnings are split between these parties.

The ATM Convenience fee of $3.00 - $8.00 is normally split or partially paid to the merchant or owner of the location where the ATM is placed. This split is dependent on the location and the volume of the account and is up to the ATM owner to determine.

This split can be paid out automatically on a daily basis or on a monthly basis by check or ACH. Normally the split is a portion or a percent of the total surcharge fee although the structure of the split is again up to the owner of the ATM machine.

The average ATM processes around 1,000 transactions monthly, that's 12,000 per year that the owner of the machine earns a percentage on. Many of our clients, process about 6,400 ATM transactions every month, which equals almost 77,000 per year.


If you have a steady flow of clients, working with Denali ATM could earn you thousands of dollars a year in extra semi-passive income.

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  1. The average monthly transaction volume for an off-premise ATM is $1,200
  2. 80% of convenience store sales are cash
  3. The average cash withdrawal is $116
  4. 25% of cash withdrawal is typically spent in your location
  5. Up to 7% of your customers will use your ATM
  6. Locations experience increases in revenues in: food, retail, lottery, liquor, gambling, entertainment
  7. The average ATM user spends 40% more than a non-ATM user
  8. Profit from surcharge Increase sales volume up to 20%
  9. Add customer convenience
  10. Eliminate bad check losses
  11. Stimulate impulse purchasing
  12. Enhance customer traffic
  13. Enhance customer loyalty
  14. Accept ATM cards and all major credit cards (including Quest and Link cards)
  15. Promote products and services
  16. State-of-the-art: compact designs, durable, reliable, warranty protection, upgrade-able functionality
  17. Onsite training 24 hour toll free support
  18. Earn surcharge income

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