Funding Businesses For 20+ Years!

There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses in USA, who regularly use cash advances to get financing.


Today, banks usually do not provide small businesses with any financing, The Small Business Administration says that when interest rates are low banks reject almost 90% of all small business loan applications, simply because it's not worth the small profits to lend to riskier small businesses.


Our requirements are simple:

  • In business, right now, and for at least 12 months.

  • Gross credit card sales must be at least $10,000 a month.

  • Do 12+ credit card batches processed per month.

  • Minimum FICO (credit rating) of 500+

  • Maximum of 3-days with NSF in statement period, and

  • No more than a total of 6 NSF's in a statement period.

  • Personal tax liens may not exceed $150,000.

  • Business tax liens may not exceed $75,000.

  • Maximum of 2 other MCA's totaling $100,000 or less, and

  • Minimum net funding of 40% after paying off other MCA's.

  • Bankruptcies discharged for at least a year + 3 new LOC.

If you meet these requirements, call us today at (907) 345-8000.

Or, Click Here. Eligibility guidelines may change from time to time.

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